Strengthening Governance Capacity and Public Administration Amidst Pandemic and New Normal Era

The COVID-19 pandemic leads to change and impacted various fields and sectors. The economic sector is directly affected by the pandemic. As predicted by world institutions and experts that world economic growth will enter a recession. In addition to these aspects, Covid-19 pandemic undoubtedly has a significant impact on human life. Limited social and physical distance, schools, and universities stop their normal activities. The number of workers laid off can be at the root of other social problems such as unemployment, poverty, and human development.

To deal with the pandemic in the new normal era, it requires an adaptive, responsive, and agile government facing various challenges faced. Therefore strengthening governance capacity is a critical agenda. Strengthening governance capacity is essential for a disruptive development process at all levels of government agencies.

The conference discussed four issues in strengthening governance capacity in the pandemic and new normal era. First is leadership issues; second is digital transformation; third is dynamic and agile bureaucracy; fourth is changing in politics, economic, social, and technology, and law (PESTEL). The leadership issues discussed in this conference are crisis leadership, women and leadership, and leadership and risk communication. Digital-based government, working from home, social media, and various other issues related to the digital transformation process discussed in the second theme, namely digital transformation session. Some issues in dynamic governance session are agile bureaucracy, change, culture and capabilities, transparency, trust, accountability, and community participation. While the PESTEL changes, discusses various changes in various sectors such as poverty, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), religious and social change, transportation impacted by the pandemic.

Theme & Sub-Theme
  • Leadership and Crisis

    • Leadership in local-level governance
    • Women and effective leadership
    • Leadership and risk communication
  • Public Administration and Digital Transformation

    • Working from home issues during the pandemic
    • Digital transformation in the public sector
    • The urgency and role of social media in digital era
  • Agile bureaucracy and dynamic governance

    • Change, culture, and capabilities
    • Transparency, trust, and accountability
    • Community participation
  • Changing in PESTEL (Politic, Economic, Social, Technology and Law)

    • Poverty issues
    • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
    • Religious practice and social change
    • Transportation sector transformation
Accepted papers
  • All accepted papers published in: Proceeding ISBN

Selected papers published in:
  • Journal of Asian Public Policy (Q2, Scopus)

  • Jurnal Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik (JSP) (Scopus)

  • Policy and Governance Review (Sinta 2)

  • Bisnis & Birokrasi: Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi dan Organisasi (JBB) (Sinta 2)

  • Philippine Journal of Public Administration, Philippines

  • Journal of Public and Private Management, Thailand

  • Jurnal Kebijakan dan Administrasi Publik (JKAP) (Sinta 2)

Paper Guideline
Our Speakers
  • Prof. Dr. Tippawan Lorsuwannarat (National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand)

  • Dr. Lizan E. Perante-Calina (President, PSPA; SVP dan Dean, DAP-GSPDM)

  • Dr. Riyana Miranti (University of Canberra)

  • Prof. Dr. Eko Prasojo (Dean Faculty of Administrative Science, University of Indonesia)

  • Prof. Dr. R.L. Holzhacker (University of Groningen, Netherland)

  • Prof. Dr. Jose Chen (Tunghai University, Taiwan)

Important Dates
  • 20 October 2020 : Full paper submission

  • 27 October 2020 : Full Paper Announcement

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  • Non-IAPA Member : IDR. 200.000

  • Internasional : 10$

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